29 Julai 2010

Contest | I Smell Food Giveaway by Ibu Emir

Ibu Emir sedang buat contest...Contest "Saya Bau Makanan"...hahaha...best kan tajuk? Betul sebabnya hadiah dia pun best. Mari terjah...:)

Syarat-syaratnya mudah:

1. Open to my followers, those who don't you are most welcome to do so..
2. Post an entry of this giveaway with the title as above..
3. Put the above banner on your sidebar..
4. Just leave your comments here
5. Contest ends on 7 August at 3pm
6. Just wait for the result. Result is based on Mr. Random Generator..

Since we are talking about FOOD.. of course the prizes are FOOD... Let's see..

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

Dah cakap, bestkan hadiahnya?????????

Harap-harap la aku dapat jugak...Jimat makan ni...Siapa rasa nak join, boleh masuk blog Ibu Emir @ H.O.T Family...:) Wish me luck!

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